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What is exactly My ERP Engine?

My ERP Engine is a software hosting facility specialized for Odoo (previously OpenERP).

To use Odoo to its full potential and be able to customize it for your need it's necessary to have a full installation of it. But installing and managing an Odoo server is hard. It requires multiple days for a qualified engineer to make it work correctly. With My ERP Engine it's only a matter of minutes before your Odoo instance is deployed and it is completely managed for you after that.

It's like installing Odoo by yourself, except it's automatically handled by My ERP Engine and deployed in a highly secure environment with constant monitoring. It can then be used immediately by multiple users.

My ERP Engine does not restrict your Odoo instance. It's still yours. You can install whichever version of Odoo you want, apply any customization, install custom modules or even modify its source code and access directly to your database.

Also, with My ERP Engine, you don't pay per user. You only pay according to the resources your Odoo instance uses on our servers.

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